How Can You Help?

CSF has been very successful in providing clients with short-term services so that they
have a life to return to when medical treatment is over.

Since 2005, we have helped more than 6,000 families. Funds are raised through individual donations, fundraising events, Loving Angels of Maryland Program, and corporate sponsorships.

If you would like to help someone through their healing journey please.
scroll down to the Donate link below.

We are always looking for volunteers. To volunteer, call CSF at (410) 964-9563.

Contributing Through MCC, CCC, or CFC:

To Contribute Through the Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC - State of Maryland Employees), Baltimore City Employee Consolidated Charity Campaign (CCC), or the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), please use these Charity ID Numbers:

Maryland Charity Campaign and Baltimore Consolidated Charity Campaign: 2186
Federal CFC: 64923

Important! Please Read Before Donating

Under "Donation Type" there are three choices: Individual, Fundraiser, and In Memory Of.

Directions for Individual (donation goes to general fund for clients): Enter YOUR First Name, Enter YOUR Last Name, Enter "Amount" with no dollar sign

Directions for "Fundraiser" (donations go to specific family or individual): Enter YOUR First Name, Enter YOUR Last Name, In "Designation" field, enter the name of the person / family to receive donation. Enter "Amount" with no dollar sign.

Directions for "In Memory Of" (donations given to honor a friend or family member who lost their life to cancer): Enter YOUR First Name, Enter YOUR Last Name, In "Designation" field, enter the name of the person you are honoring. Enter "Amount" with no dollar sign. 

After entering this information, click the "DONATE" button. You'll then be taken to to securely complete your donation.