In early 2005, the Cancer Support Foundation, Inc. recognized that a significant gap existed in quality-of-life services and financial support for a large number of cancer patients undergoing treatment. Lengthy treatment periods, sometimes lasting up to a year, cause many clients to exhaust all available financial help, including their incomes, savings, and family support.

Meetings with the American Cancer Society and other stakeholders helped CSF identify key unmet needs and we launched a range of financial, emotional, and referral services to help address them. We assist anyone with cancer who needs help across the State of Maryland.

CSF is a volunteer organization with very low overhead expenses. A close relationship with the American Cancer Society (which refers all Maryland callers in financial need to us), and our ties with religious organizations, hospitals, treatment centers, government agencies, and others, along with continual community outreach across the State of Maryland, ensure our continued growth, stability, and viability.